A New Era for InvestorFuse | Major Announcement (Part 1)

Written by:

Dan Schwartz

A special announcement from InvestorFuse (two years in the making). Plus, learn the REAL reason why investors prosper or fail.

September 10, 2020

What makes a business prosper?

This year, InvestorFuse taught over 1700 real estate investors to prosper by "firing themselves" OUT of their business.  

Our software, which helps investors manage their acquisitions, is a small piece of the whole Fire Yourself puzzle.

Ironically, in growing our own software company, we learned there's much more to it than JUST technology alone.

This puzzle inspired us to launch our Fire Yourself Challenges and The 80/20 Investor Academy.

It's our inner circle for investors to build a more hands-off, self sustaining deal engine.

So, what’s the secret?

When asked what makes a business prosper, most would turn to the deal strategy, the negotiating hacks, the best marketing list…


On this post, I’ll share why this thinking will lead you down a treacherous path of shiny objects.

But first, InvestorFuse has a major announcement.

Besides this brand new website you're reading this on, there's a big change for our customers and the REI tech landscape.

We'll split this post into two parts...starting with Part 1 on this post.

Here we go...

Part 1: The Big News

Over the last 6 years, team InvestorFuse has pioneered key advancements in real estate investing tech:

In 2014, Dan Schwartz launched the first paid “done-for-you" Podio automation setup, called RealAutomation.
In 2016, Dan Schwartz and John Whitfield launch InvestorFuse, the first monthly subscription to a fully customized Podio workspace for investors.

Within a year, several alternatives follow us, proliferating Podio as “the thing you need” to run a successful REI business.
In 2018, InvestorFuse launches InvestorFuse 2.0, the first Lead Conversion System built OFF of Podio.

Through this journey, we’ve learned big lessons about the needs of successful real estate investors.

We've learned what it takes to run a software development team.

We’ve learned what it takes to support our members at the highest possible levels.

(And I may be biased, but we built the best REI tech support team on the planet)

We’ve learned how to help investors systemize their entire operation through our “Fire Yourself” protocol.

And personally, I've learned a lot of hard lessons about being a “war time” CEO.

We’ve dealt with our share of expensive software hiccups, emergencies, public disappointments, lay offs, and doubts.

Through that process, we’ve built the resilience and grit needed to improve in spite of difficulty, and take this software to the next level.

We decided to DOUBLE DOWN.

The Future Is Here

Over the last two years, we’ve hired a full time team of engineers to completely re-think and re-build the InvestorFuse software.

With the launch of 2.0, we learned our members needed a tool that has:

✅ The flexibility of a Podio workspace, without the complexity

✅ The step-by-step simplicity of our InvestorFuse 2.0 system

✅ Is SALES-focused

✅ A quick-to-respond support team that feels like part of YOUR team

Our idea: "What if we combined the best parts of Podio and InvestorFuse 2.0 and rebuilt it using the fastest code base possible?"

Well...we did just that.

For the first time publicly, we proudly present: IF3 (beta).

Watch A Full Walkthrough (31:50)

As we are quickly adding new features every week, IF3 is still in "Beta", and is fully functional to manage your sales pipeline today.

It addresses the biggest drawbacks of 2.0 while embracing its simplicity and action-driven focus.

Learn more about IF3 right here on our brand new website.

So What's New in IF3?

Software that fits how you work:

- "Actions” keep your team on track. They provide a process that makes it impossible to mess up your lead management and follow-up.

- Route and assign leads and specific Actions automatically.

- Keep track of “Touches” so you can see that leads are getting followed up with.

- Trigger multi-touch automation sequences with text, email, ringless voicemail, and tasks that send at custom times of the day (not in the middle of the night).

- Flexible Task Management: Add and assign quick "To-Do's" outside of the core workflow

- Notifications that matter: Set your notification preferences to prevent overload, and even send texts to notify you of time sensitive Actions like "reply to seller."

- A built in appointment Calendar that integrates with Google.

- Plus, we wanted to create a tool that worked in ANY market condition, for ANY strategy...including virtual wholesaling in multiple markets.

IF3 works for the virtual investor.

Doing deals virtually? Use a different workspace, with different team members for each city you’re operating in.

- View stats for ALL your markets in your “My Profile” section, which sums up upcoming Actions and deals across ALL markets in one screen.

- Real-time loading makes it super fast w/ very little lag time.

- Our new KPI Dashboard shows you the entire business pipeline at a glance, and can be filtered by dates.

- Capture leads from any other lead generation tool to centralize your sales pipeline in ONE spot.

Built for sales, not lead gen.

Most investors are using their lead generation tools to manage their sales.

Like Mojo Dialer for instance.

This is messy, inefficient, and confusing for team members.

It’s like using a hammer to cook food. It’s the wrong tool.

IF3 is a dedicated space for acquisitions.

Regardless of your investing strategy, the common denominator is acquisitions.

It's a funnel, or a “pipeline.”

Leads come in, and they must get qualified, nurtured, followed-up with, and CLOSED as quickly and efficiently as possible:

The Real Estate Deal Pipeline

A Tool For Changing Times

In our 80/20 Investor Academy, we keep a close eye on market conditions and discuss the shifting strategies that work best.

We are in the middle of a chaotic economy.

While I'm not here to predict the future of real estate, the dollar, or who wins the election, we are focusing on what will NOT change.

Time has taught us that in all market conditions, wealth is transferred and real estate deals are made.

While the marketing may change, the SALES process won't.

We are evolving our product to make it easier for businesses to convert leads at scale no matter what is happening in the world.

The "Digital Sales Assistant"

When you’re generating a lot of leads…consistent follow-up without the guidance of a SALES tool is nearly impossible.

This is what makes IF3 the first of its class:

A DIGITAL SALES ASSISTANT for real estate acquisitions.

It provides a predictable process for the most important part of investing: Getting the contract!

Once you get it under contract, you can use our custom Transaction Checklist builder to trigger and assign additional Tasks, like "Send to title company” or “text VIP buyers.”

This makes it flexible for whatever your exit strategy is.

We're extremely excited at the early adoption of IF3 users, and the mindbending speed that our dev team is adding new features every week.

You can view our entire product roadmap right here to get a sneak peak of what's ahead.

To learn more about IF3 (beta) for your own REI business:


Along with a new product, the overall vision for our company is also breaking new ground...

Which brings us to the next section.

Let’s talk about what actually makes a business prosperous, and how our tool fits into the picture.