Don’t Buy a CRM Unless You Have This…

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February 7, 2018
“I used to try to manage and run my own Podio CRM, which worked up to a point. What I found was that InvestorFuse could take that responsibility away from me and allow me to focus on what I’m good at, converting leads into deals. Their system and their support team allows me to trust that a process is being followed and all of our leads are being managed properly. I will never go back!” – Mike Cowper,

Don’t Buy a CRM Unless You Have This…

Podio isn’t built for real estate. It can be customized to suit your real estate investing operation. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll waste a lot of time, money, and brain power.

If you are not a Podio expert or surrounded by Podio experts, you will struggle to make it work for your business without considerable time investment/hair-pulling.

It is not advisable to incorporate new technology like Podio, Globiflow, or any new business software without these TWO CRUCIAL THINGS that unfortunately is hard to come by in this space:


Without incredible customer support helping you implement Podio, you shouldn’t use Podio. We realize there’s a myriad of Podio solutions in the space now.

There’s a lot of moving pieces to learn on your own. It’s accessible to everyone. This is why so many “Podio for Real Estate” companies have surfaced since we first launched back in 2015.

We were the first company to create a solution for REI lead management on Podio. This gives us a unique edge.

After 4+ years in the Podio world, we’ve serviced over 500 individual investment companies looking to streamline their business on Podio, InvestorFuse has got “Customer Success” down to a science.

You see, when using a tool that becomes a daily mainstay in your livelihood, human-to-human interaction and care is vitally essential.

We learned this the hard way over time, and have quickly adapted and built systems within our business to serve investors on a human-to-human level.

Every business is different, and so are your individual needs and expectations. Over the years we’ve hired a staff of 12 dedicated technical support staff, Podio specialists, and setup/integration experts whose full time job is to ensure InvestorFuse members are making money and loving their experience.

You are trained and onboarded with our onboarding team. We’ll train your staff too. We authentically care about your success.

Why do we care? Well it’s simple. The more money you make using InvestorFuse, the more we can grow and innovate our solutions so we can provide to more real estate professionals. It’s a virtuous cycle that is 100% driven by epic customer support.

Here’s the type of comments you should look for when seeking a system to work with:

“I’ve been a digital marketer for well over a decade and I have never seen a tool built to suit a vertical so well. Add on top of that the “they know your first name” support and dedication that the InvestorFuse team brings to the table and you have a what has become an integral part of our business. I can’t say enough about the product or the team. Use it.” – Kasim Aslam, CEO @ Solutions 8

Since we’ve dialed in our process so much, we also have an incredibly thorough Customer Support Knowledge Base. You can check this out for free:

Check out our InvestorFuse Knowledge Base

In it, you’ll find detailed videos about every aspect of our solution, including complete training courses tailored to each position of you acquisitions team.

You’ll see step-by-step procedures and guides showing you how to crush your lead management process, regardless of how many leads your company is generating.

We truly care about your success and happiness with the platform. In fact, our support team tracks how many times we get “Thanked” by our members. Yes, we actually do this. Here’s a snapshot of how many time’s we’ve been Thanked in January 2018.

We realize that the expression of gratitude from our members is how we can measure how effective we are at helping on a personal level. It’s silly, but has turned into the bedrock of our culture.

It’s our mission to have the best customer experience in the entire REI software world.

We love Podio as a solution to track your leads and followup, but please….do not use Podio unless you have the best possible team supporting you in your journey!

Which brings us to the next thing you should look for when choosing your software solution…


The second thing you should not be without is a rock solid community of other successful investors.

We’re proud to have cultivated a group of real estate investors that have a passion for systems, entrepreneurship, and a “work smart, not hard” mentality.

Each of our 500+ companies on the platform are actively doing deals all across the nation, otherwise they wouldn’t need to use InvestorFuse! This gives our members a unique advantage to mastermind and share tips and resources with each other.

We allow users to interact with each other and create opportunities together on our Facebook Group:

One of our members, Anthony Epps out of Atlanta, was able to close a huge deal from the relationships he made being part of the InvestorFuse community:

We curate amazing stories from our successful customers and often publish videos sharing how they are able to consistently close deals in their markets, what they do differently, and how they compete in a competitive landscape.

To learn from some of the top investors in the nation, six and seven figure business owners, you can watch some of the top InvestorFuse Case Study videos below:

Wrap Up

By now you understand the importance of an epic support team and community in addition to a product that actually works.

When implementing a Podio system for your real estate business, don’t go it alone. We know there’s a lot of Podio-related options out there. Luckily, we were the first to build an actual PRODUCT and support team for the real estate investor space.

We’re happy to help you succeed!

If you’re interested in discussing if InvestorFuse is a right fit for you, make sure to schedule a time to chat with us below.

To your continued success!

-Team InvestorFuse

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