IF 2.0 Product Update: 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 Released

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December 26, 2018

Big news for features in 2.0! All of the following just got released onto the app. Happy Holidays!

Check out the full release notes for 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 below:

2.0.5 New Features

Search in Opportunities and People

Hot item! Search now works in Opportunities and People!! We’ve been looking forward to this as much as you and now it is here. If you are in the list view for opportunities and people you can search by name, address, phone number etc and it will reduce the items show in the list till you see what you are looking for.

Default Sequences
Everyone now has the default 4 sequences for 2.0. If you have custom ones in Podio you need moved over please reach out and we can get that done for you.

Multiple Entries Drop-down
We now support a drop down field that you can select multiple entries from. If you go into your “Team Settings” then “Opportunity Settings” you can create Multi Select Field.

In settings it looks like this:

In the opportunity it looks like this:

Offer Details Shown on Action
Now parts of the offer module will show on the action so you don’t have to navigate to the opportunity. We will continue to add to this functionality.

Commas Show Up In Offer Details
The above image shows a comma, it wasn’t originally designed like this. So we added the comma here and in the Opportunity.

2.0.5 Bug Fixes

Seller Inbound Texts Record to Campaign
If a seller texts into one of your campaigns, and it’s the first message they sent, it wasn’t attaching the campaign correctly. We’ve got this fixed.

Actions Reordering
Sometimes if you stayed on the actions screen you would see them reordering on their own, now they will stay put.

Actions Not Ordered Correctly
When we pushed out the ability to scroll down and see all your actions it adjusted the order a bit. We’ve fixed this so no matter how many actions you see (18 or 100) they are ordered correctly.

Mobile Views!
We did some cleanup on the mobile view to enable the app to function better on your phones. There is still more work we want to do here, but it is at least usable and scrollable.

Left Menu
For a couple of hours some of you might have seen the left menu acting very strange… we squashed that bug very quickly.

Opportunity Creation Ghost Field
There was a strange field showing up when you manually created an opportunity. It is now gone from this plane.

2.0.6 New Features

Custom Actions in Sequences
You can now add a custom action stage in sequences. This will pause the sequence on the opportunity to the custom action is completed. Great use for this is if you want to include calls in sequences. You can set up a custom action to “Call and Followup with Seller”. The messages won’t resume in the sequence until the action is completed.

Hyperlinks in Followup Sequences
You can now highlight text in a followup sequence and set it as a hyperlink so people can click on it and go to a website. NOTE this only works in email. Hyperlinks are not supported for texts.

Multi-Line Emails in Chat
When you go to chat with Seller’s or Buyer’s in 2.0 you can now send multi-line emails. Just keep tapping enter on your keyboard then click the send button on the right.

@mentioning is Live!
You can now @mention a teammate in a note and they will get a notification according to their notification settings.

Seller Names in Action
Now on the action lists, you can see the seller name! This was a highly requested feature from user feedback.

New Buyer and Buyer Replied Notifications
Another highly requested feature. There are two new types of notifications in 2.0. One for when a new buyer is created and another for when a buyer responds.

2.0.6 Bug Fixes

Action Due Dates Change at 5 pm
There was an issue were at 5 pm EST the actions due today would change to overdue… that’s now been changed to midnight!

Filter Opportunities By Pipeline
We had a small bug introduced that stopped you being able to click on a pipeline stage like “Qualification” and seeing just those opportunities. All fixed!

Long-Form Text Fields Would Erase Text
Occasionally if a certain character limit was reached in a long-form text field the text would revert. All better now… write as much as you want.

Issues Adding Notes in Actions
Sometimes the “+ Add Note” button wouldn’t work in actions. That’s been fixed.

Opportunity Wouldn’t Show Custom Fields
Very rarely if you loaded up an opportunity it wouldn’t show custom fields. We fixed that issue so it will always work.

Transaction Checklist Sometimes Wouldn’t Show Up
When an opportunity goes to under contract the transaction checklist is supposed to show up. Sometimes it wouldn’t, all fixed now!

Error Messages When Creating Opportunities Manually
Sometimes when trying to create a manual opportunity you would click create and nothing happened. What is actually occurring is there is an error with validating the data. We’ve now got clear error messages that pop up and tell you what’s wrong.

and a big one….
Duplicated Opportunities
We spent a lot of time revisiting our logic for opportunities created with phone integrations and webforms, specifically around call answering services. We’ve got this all figured out now so duplicated opportunities are no longer created.

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