IF 2.0 Product Update: 2.1 and 2.1.1 Release Notes

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February 18, 2019

NOW PRESENTING: KPI Dashboard and Marketing Stats!

Big news for features in InvestorFuse2.0…Our biggest release yet with two types of KPI Dashboards!

Team Dashboard and Campaign Analytics…read on to learn the difference:

New Features

Team Dashboard- Overall Stats and Team Accountability (Are people completing their Actions?)
Now when you login you will see a beautiful dashboard displaying what is currently happening for your business that week. The Dashboard refreshes every hour and the question mark outlines all the timeframes for the different data points.

Campaign Dashboard- Track Your Marketing
Admins and Super Admins now have access to an analytics dashboard per marketing campaign! It has 22 data points on it like close rates, cost per opportunity, and cost per deal.

Close out a Transaction
When an opportunity is “Under Contract” you will see a section appear on the right where you can track estimated revenue, profit, and close date. You also can select to close the transaction or cancel it. This all tracks back to the Dashboards.

Quick Complete in Actions!
Don’t want to go through the decision tree and just make a QUICK DECISION (like “Mark as Dead”) on completing an Action? We got you! There is a three dot button in actions that when clicked opens a menu. In the menu are:

  • Reassign Action
  • Mark as Dead
  • Opt Out: Remove From List
  • Follow Up With Seller

Clicking any of the last three will complete the action and set any appropriate next action without any further involvement on your end. Great for when you clearly have someone calling a wrong number, just click “Mark as Dead”. BOOM!

Mark All Notifications as Read
Now when you open the In-App Notifications panel you can mark them all as read…KABLAM!

Results in Custom Actions
When completing a custom action there is a new field called “Result”. This lets you add in notes about what you just did. These will then show in Notes & Activity.

Webhooks Can Now Accept Custom Fields
We’ve done two improvements to our webform webhooks for Buyers and Sellers. The seller webhook has received multiple enhancements to accept any of your opportunities custom fields.

Action Instructions Are Now Easier To See
When you set instructions on an Action to give you insight during the NEXT assigned Action… you previously had to expand out the summary. Now, it’s front and center in the Action description so your team can get right at the relevant info to complete.

Bug Fixes

Issues With Campaign Text Response
There was a bug that didn’t allow you to edit an existing campaigns text response. Fixed!

Reply To Seller Routing
We also fixed an issue where a Reply To Seller action didn’t always assign to the opportunity owner (or whatever routing settings you have).

Webforms Didn’t Replace the Seller’s Name
There was a problem when a webform was submitted that it didn’t go in and change the Seller’s Name from the call integration’s default setting.

“No Email” Webform Issues
If your call answering service would put “No Email” in the email field, it would come into 2.0 and link to a seller with “No Email” as their email address… every time. We have added logic to the webhooks to only pass through formatted emails with @ in them.

Sequence Stages Didn’t Delete
They now do!

Clicking “View All” For Notes & Activity Didn’t Open Anything
Now it opens the correct tab

Opt Out Action Wouldn’t Let you Complete It
We’ve fixed this bug and now there are no issues completing the opt out action.

Canadian Numbers Didn’t Verify
When manually creating an opportunity and attempting to add in a Canadian number, you couldn’t save the opportunity. Now you can!

Keep an eye out for a lot more improvements coming! We’ve hired three new developers and are working on a complete overhaul of Followup Sequences and Notifications, then we are onto PDF contract generation.

Thank you for your patience and as always, please submit your feedback to the Support team so we can continue to endlessly improve your system.

John and the Dev Team

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