IF 2.0 Product Update: 2.3.0 Release Notes

Written by:

Dan Schwartz

April 15, 2019

We’ve been working hard on a new release which is live right now, and we’ve got another coming out soon! 😃Read about the live one below:

New Features

Speed Improvements
We released an infinite scroll feature for opportunities. If you had a team that had 400+ opportunities you might have noticed the app slowing down. This is because it was downloading all the data from all 400 opportunities. We’ve changed this to only load 20 and it will load more as you scroll or search.

If you have 400+ actions you might still notice some lag. We are working on releasing the same type of fix for actions at the beginning of next week.

Appointment Types
In Team Settings you can set descriptive tags to add to your appointments. When you book an appointment you can choose one of these tags to describe the appointment. Currently, the tags only show up in 2.0, not the ICS invite, or notification email, those are future enhancements.

Actions in Transactions
We’ve limited actions in transactions to completely hide the “create new action” panel. All the system default actions are designed for the pre-transaction stage. The one exception to this is the Reply to Seller action, this will still assign to a transaction.

We are releasing in the next update the ability to assign unlimited custom actions to transactions.

Improved Drop-Down Fields
We improved drop-down fields and multi-select drop-down fields to have no character limitation. Before you would be limited to the number of entries you could put in, now you are not.

Seller’s Phone Numbers in ICS
We added the seller’s phone number to the ICS invite so you can see their phone number on your calendar.

Pipeline Numbers Update
In the Opportunity list as you filter opportunities the Pipeline numbers will update and calculate the new totals in each stage.

Bug Fixes

Offer Amount and Offer Variables in Sequences
These two tokens in sequences were not populating with the latest offers on opportunities. This is now fixed and they populate correctly.

Searching For People When Making Manual Opportunities Was Limited
When you would manually create an opportunity and search for an existing seller the search was very limited, it now is expanded to be like regular seller searching.

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