InvestorFuse 2.0.1 Release Notes

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October 3, 2018

InvestorFuse 2.0.1 release is live! This includes 20 different bug fixes and new features.

New Features

  • Time zone support! In order for us to send calendar invites from InvestorFuse we need you to set your time zone. Please go to settings to do so.  Click here for instructions.
  • When an appointment is booked, the person going to the appointment will receive an email notification with a .ics calendar invite so they can add it to whatever calendar service they use.
  • We now have full lead input support for buyer webforms, calls, and texts. We have also added input support for seller texts.
  • When we are posting lead inputs to 2.0 they now auto collapse. This will save a lot of space in the activity and notes. You can then open up the notification to read the details.
  • When creating campaigns we have made the automatic campaign message optional. You can have no message go out, an email, or a text.

Bug Fixes

  • If you were having issues texting in 2.0 that is resolved. We located the accounts with issues and fixed them all in one go. Please let us know in a new conversation if you feel like you are still having issues with texting.
  • We’ve fixed the bug when creating sequences the stages would start to get wonky and not allow you to click in and edit them.
  • Users were having issues copying a message from Podio, a Word Doc, or any other source, and then pasting it into a Sequence Stage and the entire page would quit working. This is now resolved.
  • When sequence email messages went out they didn’t always match the formatting of how they looked inside 2.0. Now they will!
  • If you have multiple teams and received notifications from them… clicking the URL to open up the item wouldn’t automatically switch to that team. This now works as designed and it will automatically switch teams.
  • In the appointment time selector, it said 12:00 AM and 12:30 AM instead of PM. It now correctly reflects PM in the drop-down.
  • We’ve also fixed a bug where you couldn’t copy text to the notes field on opportunities.
  • In a few teams there were issues when sending text messages, the message would disappear from the entry box then reappear. This now works as expected.
  • In some instances new opportunities created would ignore the role routing and always assign to the Team Owner. Also associated with this was issues with the Opportunity Owner not matching the Call New Lead Action’s assigned team member. All fixed!
  • When sending out texts from 2.0 they formatted with multi-lines and headers. That’s all gone. They now look like regular texts from a cell phone with the signature attached.
  • Super Admin’s team roles can now be edited instead of getting stuck in the role set at on-boarding.
  • There were a few cases where when setting the next action it would revert back to the action you just completed. No longer… bug squished!
  • The individual signatures for text and emails sometimes wouldn’t be used. Fully re-worked that and now it will overwrite the team signature if you have an individual signature on your login.
  • If a custom field was added and it had two spaces between words it would break all the opportunity fields from saving data. We’ve got this completely solved.
  • Inbound texts weren’t coming in for buyers, we’ve buttoned that one up and you will now receive those buyer texts.
  • Finally, we solved a problem where new actions couldn’t be assigned to new opportunities.

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