InvestorFuse 2.0.2 Release Notes

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October 16, 2018

2.0.2 is live right now! 3 big bug fixes and 3 new features!

Bug Fixes

We found 3 rather large bugs that are now resolved. We pushed out 2.0.2 a little bit earlier then we planned so these fixes could get to your team ASAP. That just means 2.0.3 will have a lot more new features in it.

  1. When you send out one-off emails, texts, or text and emails through sequences it might send out twice. This has been completely resolved and we actually introduced some double checks to ensure it doesn’t occur again.
  2. The one-off emails you were sending out had HTML formatting around them. We’ve gone ahead and stripped this down to plain text, we’ve also removed the last name from the “Hi (person first name) (person last name),”.
  3. The last bug was what a lot of users reported as freezing. When an opportunity gets created from Callrail calls or texts it doesn’t have a property address. For those opportunities, it wouldn’t let you fill out and save any fields till the property address had been entered. Now it doesn’t require the property address to be filled in first and will allow you to input data into any of the fields.

New Features

  1. Custom actions are here!!! Now when choosing the next action you can select “Custom Action”. This will let you type in your own Action Title and Description. So for those of you that have unique processes or a step that doesn’t fit into our pre-programmed actions you can use Custom Actions to get that done.
  2. Motivation of Unknown. When a lead is created manually, or from web inputs, it now comes in with a motivation of unknown. It used to be hot.
  3. Full Rich Text Support on Sequences! When creating a new stage in Sequences you can do different headings, bold, italic, lists etc… even html! Please note this only will show when creating new sequences. We are working on a feature to allow editing on existing sequences, but it will require some more backend work to enable existing sequences to get the rich text support.

Background Functions

We also released 6 “stories” around development operations. A story is a specific function or task our developers work towards. The development operations stories don’t directly affect your end user functionality but we are making it so our deployments are faster, have fewer errors, and report back to us any issues. Geeky stuff!

Check out the knowledge base article on custom actions: Article for Creating Custom Actions

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