Shift #1: Successful Investors Don’t Have a “Magic Bullet” They Learned Before You Did

Written by:

Dan Schwartz

March 17, 2020

Shift #1: Successful Investors Don’t Have a “Magic Bullet” They Learned Before You Did

(If you’re just tuning in and you haven’t read the previous parts of this series, you can head back to the start here.)

I know this might not be what you were looking for, but there really is no “magic bullet,”

Here’s how simple it is to be a real estate investor:

  1. Get in front of a distressed home owner looking to sell
  2. Make them an offer (for cash or for terms/owner financing)
  3. Flip, or “wholesale” the contract, acquire it for renovation, or hold it for cash flow

Oh…and also, you can learn how to do each of these steps absolutely free.

There’s 290 MILLION free videos on the subject.

To see the process visually:

This shouldn’t be news to you…so why do most investors fail to break through? Let’s look at our friends again:

How did Brute Force Bob get so stuck in the middle of everything?

Most business owners are so busy with the day to day that they reactively respond to anything that sounds easy.

Bob is constantly looking for the next shiny object new tactic, tool, or system that will be his “easy way to wealth.”

He’s a short term thinker that believes that successful investors must have some “secret” that’s hiding under a rock somewhere and the successful investor got their first…

So the basis for his METHOD up to this point…has been in “magic bullet detection,”

Instead of….building a real business.

Compound this short term thinking over many months or years…and it’s easy to see how you can get bogged down.

Bob spread himself thin by hopping from one marketing strategy to the next, often stopping WAY too soon before seeing results.

And never fully capitalizes on the time simply because he’s not putting 100% effort on the “80/20” of their real estate business.

Becoming An 80/20 Real Estate Investor

80/20 Adam is successful not because of some magic bullet he learned from some course, but because he:

  1. Has a clear end in mind. He knows where he’s going and the specific steps to get there.
  2. Understands how to set a vision and hire talented people to help him make money
  3. Can skillfully create little “engines” for other people to accomplish the tasks Brute Force Bob would do
  4. Understands the value of their time

One of the biggest shifts in my thinking came from avoiding short term opportunity chasing to long term business building.

We all got into real estate for the freedom, the wealth, and the control of our time,

But most investors never feel how much a long term, strategic approach, vs a short term oppotunity chasing approach will actually get you to the freedom/wealth/control MUCH FASTER.

Building a business that runs without you is about much more than the motivated seller lead list.

While that’s an important part of your deal-getting strategy, this is what your BUSINESS BUILDING strategy actually looks like:

Your deal getting and acquisitions strategy is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s prevent the iceberg from sinking your ship…shall we?

The next page I’ll show you how (it’s going to shock you initially)

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