‘The Skinny’ on InvestorFuse 2.0: Live Demo, Launch Update, and More…

Written by:

Dan Schwartz

December 10, 2018

Real estate teams shouldn’t use a “CRM”

Why would a “CRM” company say that???

Before we get into that, let’s discuss the status of InvestorFuse 2.0…our brand new lead manager built from scratch for scaling investors:

Beta members are now using it exclusively, away from Podio, to handle ALL INCOMING LEADS from first point of contact through closing. It currently integrates with most phone services, like CallRail, and with any dialer, like Mojo Dialer.

Over 300 members are on the platform, and it has gone through 6 major system releases, including new features, bug fixes, and huge system improvements…

It is a beast.

Since 2.0 is improving so rapidly, we are going to start providing weekly live demonstrations and Q&A’s, starting this coming Thursday, December 13th at 1PM EST:


Want to see a deal from start to close? Want to learn about features, or when to realistically expect the official launch? Join us this Thursday, December 13th at 1PM EST, for a full system walkthrough.


“It’s too complicated and I feel like I’m not getting the most out of it!”

-Most CRM users

You may know of InvestorFuse from our work with Podio, or “Version 1” of the system, which grew to over 550 companies since our launch in early 2016.

While 2.0 still has limited functionality, Podio has inherent limitations to what investors needed.

Not to mention entire system outages, restricting our ability to design a truly dummy proof process teams could rely on.

The biggest complaint with Podio is: “It’s too complicated and I feel like I’m net getting the most out of it!”

We learned that people spent too much time figuring out how to use Podio, and that our system was a square peg in a round hole, trying to turn Podio into something it was not designed for.

Which means people didn’t get the most out of it…and weren’t able to dial in their follow up systems and scale their business.

We learned about what investors really need to be successful.


We could not let this issue perpetuate, so last year, we revealed that we’d be launching InvestorFuse 2.0, with the goal of simplifying lead management once and for all.

While we put the finishing touches on the technology, over 300 early adopters have signed up in advance to try out the beta (pre-release).


The roll out took a long time.

This made a lot of people disappointed. You may be one of them…and for any inconvenience, I personally apologize, and have taken immense action (with great cost), to advance the system’s development and onboard people quicker on your behalf.

We learned a lot through this development process:

The system was poked, twisted, reviewed, punctured, publicly ridiculed, publicly praised, revised, re-released, updated, improved, added on to, and simplified over 6 new releases and 100s of weekly development hours.

And today, you can use InvestorFuse 2.0 as an end-to-end solution for all incoming leads. Like…today…for those in the system, you can:

☑️ Integrate with major phone systems
☑️ Integrate with all website lead systems
☑️ Integrate with Mojo Dialer (a simple tag will push a lead into our platform)
☑️ Advanced follow-up sequences are editable, and can be paused/restarted
☑️ Text/email back and forth with sellers
☑️ Round robin leads intelligently based on flexible lead routing settings
☑️ Create custom fields inside your opportunities
☑️ Manage transactions with a simple, customizable Transactions Checklist
☑️ Initiate, track and edit all followup sequences
☑️ Track and manage all offers
☑️ So much more….

Among the next few system updates will have the much awaited for KPI DASHBOARD!



What’s missing?

The BIGGEST choke point in the system right now is the ability to migrate old leads from your existing system/Podio. Here’s John with the technical explanation why this is the biggest delay, and what we’re doing to fix it:

The gist? We’re on it.

The current iteration of 2.0 is in fact functional to manage your INCOMING leads…and for older leads migrated in, you’ll either have to wait while we work on the import feature, or we can train your VA to manually input your leads for you.


InvestorFuse is a process, not a CRM

“Customer Relation Manager” is NOT what a real estate acquisitions team needs.

You’re not “managing customers,” you are making real estate deals..

We did not want to fit into the box that traditional “CRM” has forced everyone into.

So we completely invented this thing…an acquisitions process that had access to the relevant data at the right time to the right person.

Almost like an actual assistant. A deal assistant.

We determined that the system needed to be a flexible PROCESS that helps you truly execute actions, vs. merely checking off a “task” box…

It’s a process to handle your leads baked into an easy to navigate, interconnected screen.

This means it functions more like a living, breathing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), so your team never misses a beat and knows exactly how to execute your sales pipeline.

We believe private real estate investors can grow a business that doesn’t rely on you sitting in front of a computer all day.

In fact, the LESS you’re in front of the computer, the more money you’ll make.

Technology is meant to enhance the HUMAN elements of this business. The revenue generating activities that DON’T really happen on a computer:

* Solving seller’s problems
* Negotiating
* Hiring and building A player culture
* High level strategy
* Marketing
* Expansion
* Partnership
* Networking
* Raising money
* Education
* Self Care


Public Launch Update

As of now, the public launch, when anyone can signup and begin using InvestorFuse 2.0, will occur during the first quarter of 2019.

That is as much information as I’m allowed to share at this time.

You can signup for the waitlist here to be the first to know…, as we may be opening up spots to the beta on a case by case basis until the public launch.

And in the meantime, signup for our public demonstration and LIVE Q&A happening THIS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13th

Register for our demo this Thursday at 1PM EST

…we know you have a lot of questions and we’d like to walk you through a deal from start to close on that call. See you Thursday!

Cheers to simplicity and Time Freedom!

-Team InvestorFuse

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