Top 4 Integrations for InvestorFuse

Written by:

Dan Schwartz

June 6, 2019

InvestorFuse aims to be the REI industry’s central hub for lead conversion.

It can capture leads from every real estate lead provider and lead gen software. Here are the 4 most popular integrations our members use to generate leads and send into InvestorFuse.

We’ve included some supplementary videos to help explain each service and how it integrates.


What is it? Carrot is a done-for-you website solution for real estate investors. Get a pro website in minutes. Here’s one their team members and online marketing expert, Adrian Nez, breaking it down for us:

Want to work with Adrian? Here’s how.

Why: The preset website designs are built to give real estate investors an instant, optimized web presence from which to generate motivated seller and buyer leads online. They have data from over 5,000 companies that inform how well the websites show up on Google, making them the standard for real estate investor websites.

How: Carrot can be integrated to InvestorFuse with the use of Zapier. The “forms” on your Carrot website can be programmed to send the seller submissions directly into your InvestorFuse for processing. Our support team will do this for you.

Price: Starts at $49/mo. More info.


What: Driving for dollars app and then some. It can be used in-the-field to take a picture of a property for quick due diligence, sending postcards, and even pulling owner phone numbers for fast one-off prospecting.

Here’s the CEO of DealMachine, David Lecko, explaining in his own words:

Why: Rather than scribbling down notes about potential “driving for dollars” leads you find, you can take immediate action and initiate postcard campaigns from the app. Share with DealFinders to scale your D4D efforts. Postcards will drive new leads from potential motivated sellers.

How: When you generate a new opportunity within the DealMachine app, you can change it’s status. This will trigger that that lead to be sent for conversion into InvestorFuse.

Pricing: Starts at $49/mo for up to 3 “deal finders” (birddogs)

InvestorFuse member Eric Richner has mastered this integration and shared with our community how he’s recruited a team of 100s of bird dogs using DealMachine to find him deals! Enjoy this epic free one hour training:

Runner Up Postcard tool: SendFuse. This doesn’t require an app, it’s sms/text based, and includes unlimited birddogs for just $47/mo.


What: Phone tracking system. Purchase virtual phone numbers for each marketing campaign to help you track the source of your leads. Tracking numbers are most commonly used for direct mail, websites, ringless voicemail call-backs, and predictive dialer call-backs.

Here’s the InvestorFuse Co-Founder, John Whitfield, explaining this popular phone integration:

Why: Using tracking numbers is mandatory in order to route leads into your lead system like InvestorFuse. It allows you to track campaign performance so you can determine what’s working and what’s not. CallRail can also record voicemails, forward calls, and even has a basic CallerID built in. All of this data can be sent into InvestorFuse so you have the right information to close the deal and get a hold of someone as quickly as possible.

How: It’s integrated via internal webhooks or Zapier to funnel in calls and/or texts into 2.0. This video describes how it works:

Price: $45/mo includes up to 10 numbers. More info.


What: “Mojo” is a prospecting software made for sales professionals. The common use case for investors is cold calling. It is a “dialing” system that queue’s up to 300 calls in the dialer so your sales reps can be constantly connected to leads.

Here’s our Support team leader Migs explaining the MojoDailer system and how our members use it.

Why: Increases efficiency when cold calling hundreds or thousands of prospects. Includes tracking and a basic database to track your cold calling efforts.

How: When a rep connects with a seller and establishes that it’s a qualified lead, you can use the built in “tagging” system to push that seller information into InvestorFuse to convert it into a contract. Here’s a bit how this works.

Price: Starts at $99/mo for up to 85 calls per hour.

Up and Coming Dialer: A lot of members and cold callers are starting to use CallTools. We did an in-depth training on how to use CallTools, if you’re interested in a system that has more functionality than Mojo.

BONUS: GoBig Printing

What: GoBig printing is a direct mail provider known for their competitive rates and great customer service. You can also get your lists through them.

Why: They can set up mail drip campaigns so you can “set it and forget it.” AND…it integrates with InvestorFuse to automatically opt out sellers from your marketing list as they come in! There’s no point in sending expensive direct mail once you’ve already gotten ahold of someone.

How: The GoBig mailing service is done through a dashboard on their website. You’ll upload your list there, choose your different mailers, and work with their team. This is connected via API to your InvestorFuse account. When you get a new lead in from these campaigns…it will opt them out from receiving any more mail automatically, resulting in thousands and thousands in saved marketing dollars over time.

Price: Letters start at $.53 and Postcards start at $.36

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