Work alongside our Customer Success Team as you train some of the top real estate investors using our software

We are seeking one new team member for our real estate software company. Your job would be as an onboarding trainer to help new customers learn the software one-on-one. We’re big believers that working together should be an obvious fit and our values should all be aligned, so if the following doesn’t sound like you, no need to apply!

  1. I’m highly organized and strangely love systems, processes, and documentation
  2. If someone doesn’t respond to me, I will diligently followup with the fury of a thousand suns until they respond
  3. My values are: Being true to myself, having fun, being completely honest at the expense of confrontation/awkwardness, being true to my word so others will trust and rely on my work, and an obsession with getting better and improving every day.
  4. I am comfortable talking with people and bring energy to a conversation
  5. Others would describe me as: “freakin’ awesome”

Quick synopsis: Our company launched earlier in 2016 and has grown rapidly. We help real estate investors grow their businesses and close real estate deals by automating a lot of busy work that currently overwhelms them. We will continue to help more and more people, which means a ton of inbound communications and outbound outreach with customers, prospects, partners, and affiliates, read more about what we’re all about.

You’d be working alongside our Customer Success team. You will get to help some of the top investors in the nation using our software to manage high volume wholesaling business. You’d also get to go to several real estate events per year on our dime, and basically get plugged into a massive network of active investors, coaches, and “gurus.”

If you or anyone you know is interested in a full-time, remote, awesomely cool job with a great team, please share the following job posting with them!

Please record a video under 5 minutes long introducing yourself and why you’d be an awesome InvestorFuse team member! Upload this to Youtube as an “unlisted” video, and include the link when submitting your resume.

Compensation: $15/hour to start + monthly bonus and opportunity to grow into our Customer Success department. Full time.


Introduce yourself by sending us an email telling us why you’re interested in the position along with your resume to, we can send further information as well about our vision with the software.

Thanks so much for your interest, looking forward to hearing from you!