TurboFuse is a program we designed to help support you and stay connected throughout the life of your subscription with InvestorFuse.

Times are changing in this world and unfortunately, real estate wholesalers and investors won't be able to skate by unscathed. We are super aware of this and we're here to support you so you can get through this and hopefully thrive instead of just survive it.

TurboFuse will be there to not only help you with your business strategy but also make sure you are using your InvestorFuse account to it's full potential. We will also coach you and hold you accountable to your goals.

All we ask in return is a half hour of your time each quarter for a strategy meeting that will TurboFuse your business and keep you connected to our team so you have a source of support as you navigate any changes in your market.

Sign up for an annual Pro plan or any Premium InvestorFuse subscription to be invited to this exclusive program.

Here's what we will provide to you, no strings attached except maybe some accountability strings!
You cannot lose with this offer and it's FREE with annual InvestorFuse Pro Plans and all Premium Plans.