InvestorFuse 2.0: New Feature Timelines and The Future of REI Technology

Dan Schwartz

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Click this link for a full breakdown of feature release timelines for InvestorFuse 2.0


The Vision Behind InvestorFuse 2.0

It took 4 years of designing lead management systems on Podio to learn how to integrate the PROCESS of properly handling a lead into a custom database built for investors.

Our vision is to provide the easiest to use follow-up system for the real estate investing industry, and continue to innovate until you can acquire houses without ever logging into anything that feels like a normal ‘CRM.’

Imagine doing deals without ever using your laptop.

More on that later…but this is where we’re headed, and we aren’t slowing down until that vision has become a reality.

In under a year, we essentially built a “Podio”-like platform from the ground up, designed for non-techy investors, and stripping away all the stuff that was annoying.

And now, you don’t need to deal with useless notifications, no more clicking around from place to place and half-assing your data entry, no becoming a programmer, no “designing” apps or building integrations, and no uncontrollable system outages where your opportunities just stop coming in.

With this development came some unexpected delays, and some initial, temporary sacrifices to features from our Podio version like advanced KPIs.

These sacrifices were necessary so we could deliver the core architecture of the software as quickly as possible.

We understand the frustration of its current limitations as an end-to-end CRM, and acknowledge our community for their patience as we transition the platform away from Podio.

I personally apologize to anyone who has been disappointed in the early roll out. Now that we know what our software requires in terms of development work, we can be more accurate in our timelines and managing expectations.

Our support team is transferring every single company’s lead sources over to InvestorFuse 2.0 one campaign at a time, as well as migrating all existing leads from old systems into the new system. We’re doing all the work to switch over for you.

We are now wrapping up on-boarding all early access members, and actively developing and testing the system each week to fill in any feature gaps you may be used to from our Podio version (stuff like ringless voicemail, custom contracts etc.).

Here’s the ESTIMATED timeline for the roll out of all these features: INVESTORFUSE 2.0 FEATURES ROADMAP

Team + Automation = Time Freedom

If you create systems that serve people, you can do what you want with your time…

Whether that’s spending more time with family, growing your company, or just enjoying life.

Five years ago, I played music all over the country while I was wholesaling houses back home in Baltimore.

Sounds cool, and while certainly fun, I learned very quickly the importance of systems and processes…or in the case then, a lack thereof.

We’re talking 10’s of thousands of dollars in missed deals from crappy, chaotic deal hustling without a defined process for handling opportunities.

I quickly learned the power of using a team + automation technology to get out of my own way, and to earn time freedom.

I started sharing some of these learnings along the way because I knew I couldn’t be the only one with that problem.

Turns out…most everyone else in the business also sucked at managing leads. And it wasn’t their fault…

Advancements in REI Technology

The software systems of the past weren’t designed with us on-the-go investors in mind.

They mostly focused on generating leads, touting “Push button automation” type claims, while neglecting what needs to physically happen once you’ve actually got an opportunity on the horn…

Stuff like the boring admin data entry, the followup, the campaign tracking, organization, and computer work…important stuff nonetheless, but not the stuff we got into this business to worry about.

I became obsessed with finding and sharing simple ways to automate this boring stuff and see what would happen if people could focus on the essential and higher value activities.

Now, there’s a more robust ecosystem of communication APIs (external tools), artificial intelligence, and advanced data feeds that’s making all that stuff a thing of the past.

We can directly apply this technology to high leverage activities like FOLLOW-UP.

You get your income from follow-up. It shocked me there wasn’t a definite process for it in ANY of the existing software. I became obsessed with figuring that out for companies.

A community and a team started to form around figuring out ways to help people build more time freedom into their businesses, using TEAM + AUTOMATION.

You can join our community for free here. 

Automation designed to enhance the human element of doing deals

Fast forward to today…and our company InvestorFuse is creating software designed to automate seller lead follow-up in an authentic, personal, and customizable way.

In the process, we also plan to completely change the paradigm of real estate “CRM” (Customer Relationship Manager) software…

We’re making it easy for any investor, or human for that matter, to intuitively process their business leads without confusion.

We’re making it so that it’s impossible for you to lose an opportunity.

The system prompts you conversationally, like a bot, in our Action Workflows, so you really can’t mess up completing tasks or forget to follow-up.

We’re building next level customizable follow-up sequences, where getting in touch with sellers is personal and genuine, and as automatic as possible.

We’re just beginning with our vision to create the first ever “invisible” real estate CRM, that can be operated with minimal input, and designed to maximize human-to-human interaction.

The goal: For you to be talking with motivated sellers, structuring deals, generating leads, growing your business strategically, and building your brand.

With InvestorFuse 2.0, we will build a more and more robust feature set over time, as laid out in the link above, and not at the expense of mission critical features that the whole of of our member-base needs first.

More importantly, not at the expense of simplicity.

InvestorFuse for Podio Status:

If you need a solution and don’t want to wait until our public rollout later this year, we can provide you with a Podio workspace in the meantime. Just be aware that the new software will be more favorable, and we can switch you over whenever you wish.

We will be discontinuing any NEW Podio setups in the fall, so if interested in having this setup, email us at,

Click image below to see the differences in our Podio workspace vs. InvestorFuse 2.0:

If you have any questions about InvestorFuse 2.0 or what we do, email us at

We truly care about helping you build your real estate business around your ideal lifestyle, and look forward to serving you for years to come.

May you work ON your business, and not IN it.

May you work only on things you enjoy and are good at.

And dear lord, may you spend as little time in front of your laptop as possible.

We’ll help you get there, and we appreciate your patience and support as we continue to innovate, iterate, and improve on behalf of our 500+ members and the real estate investing community at large.

To your continued success!
-Dan Schwartz and the InvestorFuse team