A New Era for InvestorFuse | Major Announcement (Part 2)

Written by:

Dan Schwartz

September 10, 2020

...Continued from Part 1: The Big News

By now, you've read the big news...

That we've launched a brand new sales-focused system for Investors called IF3.

Learn more, and request access by clicking "Request Access" at the top of the site.

Along with a new product, the overall vision for our company is also breaking new ground...

Which brings us to the next part.

Let’s talk about what actually makes a business prosperous, and how our tool fits into the picture.

Part 2:

What Makes a Business Prosperous?

Earlier, I said that tactics alone won't makes a business prosper.

In fact, if you’re only focusing on the tactic of the day, you’ll be chasing shiny objects and short term wins for your entire career.

It’s a nasty habit we’ve all experienced (me included).

The biggest magic bullet in running a company is that “there is no magic bullet!”

And that the REAL reason for success is much less sexy than “That hot new motivated seller list no one else knows about yet!”

So, what is it that makes a business owner prosperous?


To the extent that an investor removes themselves as the central decision maker and action taker for every area of their business, they will be able to generate more revenue in far less time.

Not making this fundamental shift is the biggest reason investors burn out, give up, and eventually quit.

Brute force solopreneurs only go so far.

During our 5 Day “Fire Yourself” Challenges we started doing this year, we’ve taught over 1700 real estate investors how to systemize themselves OUT of their business.

Using our 80/20 Investor Protocol, we’ve helped investors:

✅ Fire Themselves and create time leverage

✅ Worked smarter ON their business

✅ Feel organized and like they have their s**t together

✅ Feel excited about work again



Systems will set you free.

And they are still just a small piece of EVERYTHING that an entrepreneur needs to master for a truly prosperous and self-sustaining operation.

The strategy or “tactic” is the tip of the iceberg:

"The 80/20 Investor Pyramid"

Before technology and tools can even make a difference, the prosperous entrepreneur must first:

1. Cultivate an abundance mindset and learn to let go without losing control

2. Nurture a healthy body and a cool state of mind to lead your company

3. Decide what your company stands for and who you must attract to join your mission

4. Build a team of A-players that are masters at specific areas of your operation, and align their incentives with the growth of the business

5. Document: Get your business out of your head with Standard Operating Procedures and documented processes

Then, technology provides the GUIDE RAILS for your team.

While there are a plethora of tools that help you generate leads and contact sellers/buyers, our new system is the first of its kind dedicated to SALES.

This specific technology is the operating system for how your team works day to day and makes money.

It’s a living, breathing “standard operating procedure” that tells you what to do at every stage of a deal.

A process for doing deals at a larger scale, without dropping the ball on opportunities.

And most importantly…it’s a secret weapon for your team to be rockstars.

We wanted to design IF3 to be so easy to use that any team member can quickly learn and get up and running.

Just follow the system, and track your performance every step of the way.

Know Your Numbers

Not only is our new platform going to help you truly systemize their sales, it will finally help you know your numbers.

Most investors fail to know their numbers because of

• Scattered systems and tools

• Having to track stuff manually

• Mindset around “not being a numbers person"

What if you could take yourself out of the equation?

Each time you get a new lead or perform an Action in IF3, it records it as a metric.

Your KPIs

KPI's, or "Key Performance Indicators", are the source of truth in business.

Otherwise, you’re always going to be flying blind and chasing low hanging fruit.

The way you improve is by tracking your performance, and improving your metrics month after month.

Simple as that!

IF3’s Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your pipeline and allows you to compare stats over time.

It even tracks individual touch points per lead, so you can see the system doing its job.

It also tracks Overdue Actions, so you can make sure work is being completed.

KPIs are the ultimate form of accountability,

If you or a team member is not not producing results, not only can you prove it, but you can determine where the bottleneck is and address it head on.

Our Vision For The Future

At the root of everything we do, there’s one overarching theme:

Building tools to help business owners free up time.

Time to work ON their business, to spend time with family, to pursue other hobbies, or to work IN the business doing the stuff that gives them energy.

Simply put, our vision for InvestorFuse is to build technology that helps real estate entrepreneurs systemize their business so they can live their desired life.

You can see this ethos as far back as January 2015, when I started teaching about systemization:

YouTube Video From 2015

And now, 5 years later, we’ve got a whole mastermind around systemization.

We've got over 60 company's in there now.

It includes over 35 HOURS of detailed training showing you how to implement the best systems and processes into your operation, and hire a dedicated team to grow your business.

(If you’d like to apply, click here. )

Our product roadmap for InvestorFuse goes beyond Lead Management and Sales functions.

It’s being built to manage your whole business.

We’ve even included a simple Project Management widget within the platform to collaborate on additional projects in your operation.

These systems-centric features will only get better with time.

We want our members to run a hassle free, consistent business.

We want you to be the hero for your team, providing a proven business model and system for them to advance their own careers while helping yours.

We want to serve business owners become actual OWNERS, instead of working in a business that owns THEM.

Get Started

We’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs over the years, but our vision shines through, and we’re committed to bringing this bad boy as far as we can.

With this new IF3 system, we’re building a foundation we can scale on for years to come.

And with your help, we’ll be able to see our vision through so it can serve more and more business owners who are currently stuck in the “grind.”

Like I said before, we’ve got the best REI tech support team on the planet. They’ll help you:

• Install all of your integrations and lead sources

• Migrate leads into IF3

• Train you and your team

• Kickoff call to get you up and running as fast as possible

• Reply to all requests in our in-app chat in UNDER 5 MINUTES (literally)

• Send you hilarious GIFs to brighten your day

But don’t take it from me, take it from Dale:

To learn more about IF3 (beta) for your own REI business:


We're honored to serve you and help you build the self-running business of your dreams.

The business you GOT INTO BUSINESS to build in the first place.