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Step-By-Step Actions

No technical skills required. Simplifies the process for ALL real estate acquisitions teams.

Less thinking. Just make one decision at a time using our carefully crafted Action Workflows
Decision trees make lead management impossible to mess up
Provides a step-by-step process for your sales pipeline


Less clicks, less time doing computer stuff. Get the right action, to the right team member, at the right time.

Automated Follow-Up

Text, Email, Voicemail, and Actions that nurture thousands of leads and win deals.


End the CRM confusion. No more jerry-rigging Podio or figuring out how to navigate around complex interfaces.

Flexible Workflow

Quickly add tasks, custom fields, and checklists that matches how YOU do deals.

Integrates With Most REI Tools

Integrate with the marketing, data, and lead geneation tools you're already using.

Send leads from other programs into InvestorFuse to follow-up and close the deal
Our White-glove support team will do all integrations for you

Flexible Views and Filters

On each screen, enjoy customizable views that make it easy to navigate and keep your eyes on the most important information

Our new "Labels" feature makes filters infinitely customizable
Simple Pipeline Stages allow you to see your entire pipeline at a glance
Filter your leads by motivation, campaign, date, status, label, and whatever set of information you can think of

Sales Focused Automation

Grow your pipeline using intelligent automation like pre-programmed Follow-Up Sequences and Action Workflows.

Automated texts and emails to sellers and buyers to stay top of mind
Set specific send times so messages aren't sent at appropriate times of day
Over five ready made sequences can be initiated in one click from any device
Sequences automatically paused when sellers respond, keeping your messaging authentically timed

InvestorFuse Calms The Chaos

Running a real estate investing firm with a ton of inbound opportunities is complex enough. You need a system that calms the chaos for the whole team.

One screen displays all relevant information without endlessly clicking around
Activity feeds make it easy to know where you left off in each interaction
Seamlessly communicate via text and email all under one-roof, from any device

InvestorFuse is Podio-Free

For years, our REI systems have been built on top of Podio. IF3 slashes the complexity with a completely standalone system.

No more jerry-rigging, app-building, or integration setups
No redundant system notifications. Every notification means business in IF3
No more Podio system outages or feature limitations

Simple follow-up for real estate investors

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More Features

Filter Opportunities By Campaign, Motivation, and Labels
Virtual Wholesalers: See data across ALL MARKETS
Customized Labels/Tags on each Opportunity
Tasks let you create any Additional "To-Do's"
Filter Opportunities By Campaign, Motivation, and Labels
Virtual Wholesalers: See data across ALL MARKETS
Customized Labels/Tags on each Opportunity
Tasks let you create any Additional To-Dos outside the core flow

Common Questions

Do you offer support?

140%! One of the best, most caring teams in the business. Our support team is on hand every day, from 9am-5pm EST, to make sure you’re taken care of with real-time live chat INSIDE the app, email, and one-on-one training: Read these reviews from other happy investors

You’ll also have a dedicated Investor Success Manager, who will act as your “coach” to help you get the most from your system, and is on hand if you ever need further training. We’ll never leave you hanging!

How is this different from other CRMs?

It’s apples to oranges compared to other solutions. We’re the only platform that gives you a “step-by-step” process. So, it’s actually not a “CRM”…it’s a Lead Conversion System (LCS). It strips away all the complexities and just gives you the essential functionality built to turn your leads into deals.

Simply put, we care about you doing deals and spending LESS time on your computer. IF3 functions more like a digital REI lead manager. It’s a process…that guides your team intelligently through every action step. It’s impossible to mess up, and completely customizable to fit your team structure and do more deals with less confusion.

Do I need other software like Podio for this?

Nope :)

IF3 is built completely off of Podio, so requires no 3rd party tools. We recommend you use a separate phone system like Callrail. Other than that, we can integrate with every call system and lead source that you may be using.

Since you’re likely generating leads separately…you obviously still need to pay for your marketing/lead generation tools. Remember, InvestorFuse is a Lead CONVERSION System (not a lead generation system).

Does InvestorFuse generate my leads?

No…Remember, InvestorFuse is a Lead CONVERSION System (not a lead generation system). InvestorFuse captures all your inbound leads for you to nurture and pursue. You are responsible for your own marketing efforts. Any lead source you have (websites, phone calls from direct mail, answering service, mojo dialer, Facebook/PPC, bandit signs etc.) can be routed to come into InvestorFuse for you.

Each campaign will be tracked separately so you can measure the results of your marketing efforts.

Need help generating leads? We created a whole training program with the premier experts in the field to help you do this:

The Modern Marketing Masterclass

Does it text/email blast?

No. We are not designed as a blast/marketing tool. IF3 is a Lead Conversion System. You may use prospecting/blast tools to create qualified leads separately, and then send them into IF3 to capture, qualify, follow up, pursue, and close.

During the nurture process, you can text and email with your leads like a normal chat thread, but you CANNOT blast all sellers/buyers at once. This way, more of your personal emails and texts will go through, and our servers won’t be marked as “Spam” and affecting all users.

What if I am in multiple markets?

No problem, you can have different “Market Spaces”…kinda like a separate workspace, for each of your markets. Each Market Space can have a whole separate team if you’d like (to keep things separate). There will be an additional charge of $50/month for every separate Market Space you need, so long as each workspace is tied directly to your business and not separate businesses. Email or chat to Support to get your additional space.

Trying InvestorFuse on for size.

Our simple systems have helped hundreds of real estate investors take control of their business and close more of their hard-earned leads. We’re so confident that it will help you do the same that we will give your subscription payment back within 30 days of signing up if we aren’t a fit. This does not include non-refundable setup fees.

Finally...Confidently Handle Your Leads

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