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Take the Guess Work Out Of Converting Leads

Fast. Flexible. Easy. Welcome To InvestorFuse.
The Sales System For Real Estate Investors to stay on top of every generated lead and close deals.

Bring all your Leads Together

Your leads shouldn't be scattered, and you shouldn't have to manually copy them into a CRM.

With InvestorFuse, all of your lead sources funnel into one place for your Acquisitions Team to manage. They can be set up as round-robin, assigned to an individual person, or assigned based on campaign. Whatever fits your workflow.

Best part? We will do all that integrating work for you!

Understand Team Workload

To scale your company you need to understand the workload each employee has. Are they underworked, underperforming or overworked?

We make that easy by showing you exactly what is on everyone's plate and if they are consistently completing their actions on time.

"Their system allows me to trust that a process is being followed and all of our leads are being managed properly so nothing slips away."
Nick Perry, CEO @ WantToSellNow

Automated KPI Tracking

It shouldn't be difficult to track your KPIs. With InvestorFuse all of the leads you generate from different sources push into a designated Campaign and from then on it will report back the entire lifecycle of the lead.

On top of that, we'll track the costs for each of your campaigns broken down by Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Signed Contract and Cost Per Closed Deal.

Did you know there are only FOUR types of Real Estate Investors?

To find out where you fit in, simply answer 11 quick questions.

We'll tell you what type you are and give you free access to all the resources and systems you'll need!

Multi-Line Dial Your Lead Follow Ups

With our smrtDialer integration you can sync in your actions and multi-line dial them. Increases your call volume by 4x from click to call.
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Get The Support You Deserve

It's the 21st Century, things aren't as simple as letters in the mail, spreadsheets, and picking up a desk phone to talk to customers.

So when you buy software that is a key part of your business, you need a team behind it. We have 5 support team members ready to assist you with an under 5 minute response time.

Done For You Set Up

Getting a new piece of software can be a daunting task, especially a lead management software like InvestorFuse. You have to set up all the integrations to push leads in, import your existing leads, make sure messaging platforms are set up, and finally train your team. That list is enough to make you stay in your current software.

Here at InvestorFuse, we do all of that for you! We get on two meetings with you to review all the details, set up the integrations, import existing leads, and train your team. All you have to do is provide us the details in a form, come to the two meetings, then just sit back and let us take care of everything else.

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