Lead Conversion System for Scaling REI Teams

Fast. Flexible. Easy. Welcome To IF3.
The New Sales System For Real Estate Investors to Systematically Nurture and Close Deals

Consistent follow-up on autopilot

Get more responses with proven Text, Email, Voicemail, and Tasks. You'll get a personalized human touch to your leads with friendly messages sent at the right time of day. Watch as your leads start calling YOU back.

“In under 30 days we’ve put 5 contracts in the pipeline…All of which were all a direct result of InvestorFuse’s automated follow-up sequences.”
Daniel DiGiacomo, Baltimore Wholesale Property

Did you know there are only FOUR types of Real Estate Investors?

To find out where you fit in, simply answer 11 quick questions.

We'll tell you what type you are and give you free access to all the resources and systems you'll need!

Simple for your whole team

Software for investors, not techies. Now, you can effortlessly work your leads without confusion of "what do I do next?" Complete your "Actions" one step at a time for distraction free work.

"Investors need tools that deliver simplicity to their business, especially when it comes to the follow-up. InvestorFuse hit the nail on the head with the IF3 system..."
Kent Clothier, CEO @ REWW

Flexible and fast

The IF3 interface works the way you work. Create "Labels" with ease to view and sort your opportunities. Make your own "Fields" so you can capture the right information. Plus, our new software has no long load times or lag... time is money!

"Their system allows me to trust that a process is being followed and all of our leads are being managed properly so nothing slips away."
Nick Perry, CEO @ WantToSellNow

No leads left behind

Increase contract rates with sellers from personalized emails and call back reminders. Make contact via perfectly timed texts. You'll always be notified when you get a response, so no lead is left behind.

Stay Organized Across Multiple Markets

IF3 is designed for the virtual wholesaler. Use different workspaces for each city you operate in. View your stats and Actions across ALL markets to manage your entire business in one screen.

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Simple follow-up for real estate investors