Lead Sources

Bring all of your Leads Together

With InvestorFuse, all of your lead sources funnel into one place for your Acquisitions Team to manage. They can be set up as round-robin, assigned to an individual person, or assigned based on campaign. Whatever fits your workflow.

There are hundreds of lead sources, however we have found there are about 10-12 companies used by most of our customers. We are currently partnering with them to provide you with details about their features, insider information and exclusive deals.

Check back often for updates and new additions!

Our Top Partners



BatchDialer is used outside of Investorfuse to make your calls and activity is pushed to Investorfuse manually.

Based on the outcome of the call (interested, not interested, not selling, etc.), a trigger is set to email a custom Zapier inbox. From there we parse the information to match fields and filter data. Once that is complete the data will push to Investorfuse.

All information you collect inside BatchDialer will push to Investorfuse as long as there are matching fields. If there is no matching field the data will flow to the Investorfuse notes field inside the Opportunity.



BatchLeads is at the top of the list of lead gen tools our customers use to generate leads, evaluate properties and run their marketing campaigns.

With BatchLeads you can....

  • Search individual properties by location or layer property details, demographics, distress factors, and recent life events to identify motivated buyers and sellers.
  • Get a complete picture of your target property. Property insights and detailed owner financial information help you negotiate better offers and close deals quicker.
  • An intuitive comp tool helps you assess properties in detail, calculate estimated value, and generate accurate comp reports to support your offer.
  • Manage multiple conversations from a single platform with customizable direct mail campaigns, in-app click-to-dial, and SMS capabilities.
  • Put lead generation on autopilot with a tool that monitors their property database and notifies you about new opportunities in near real time
  • "Drive for Dollars" from the comfort of your home or office. Discover new opportunities, track routes, and uncover wholesaling opportunities in other markets.
  • Use their enhanced mobile app to drive for dollars, build lists and contact property owners from anywhere.

Once connected to BatchLeads you can push leads to Investorfuse with the click of a button.



Connect Investorfuse to your CallRail account and post Pre-Calls, Post-Calls plus inbound and outbound messages as new Opportunities.

This will also create an opportunity in your Market Space, based only on the caller's number, the tracking number called, and the caller's location.

When an inbound call is ended, regardless if it's an answered call, or a voicemail, it will trigger the integration resulting in a new Opportunity with the caller's phone number. If they leave a voicemail a link will be included to the voice mail recording.

Inbound Text Messages
When a text message has been received, if it matches your integrated tracking numbers, it will automatically create an opportunity with the sender's phone number and the contents of the SMS.

Outbound Text Messages
This is subject to approval by CallRail and is limited to one-on-one texting to your leads, blast texting is not allowed.



CallTools offers a variety of options to help manage your campaigns for better connections with your customers and prospects. From the start of the first call to your final interaction, the CallTools Power Contact Center was designed to nurture your contacts throughout the process.

CallTools fields map directly into Investorfuse fields if there is a match. If there is no match (CallTools has a field that does not exist inside Investorfuse) the data will populate inside the Opportunity notes section.



If you are serious about your online marketing and tracking your ROI, then Carrot’s platform makes it easy to launch a site, drive traffic, convert leads, and close deals.

Seamlessly push your leads to IF3 as a new Opportunity each and every time a potential seller fills out your webform with their contact and property information. Once it is added as a new lead inside IF3 you will have all of the information collected on the form and you can start processing that lead immediately.

What data gets pushed from Carrot to IF3? Here's a list....

  • Property Address
  • Phone number (of seller)
  • Email address
  • Seller name

Property Information

  • Garage
  • Basement
  • How long has the seller owned the property
  • Condition of the property
  • Notes
  • Is the property occupied
  • Is the property on the MLS
  • Whether the seller needs to sell quickly
  • What is the sellers ultimate goal in selling the house
  • Best time to call the seller

Custom Webform

Custom Webform

The InvestorFuse Integrations Team will build you a custom web form that you can add to your website to collect lead data. The information that is submitted by your seller leads is automatically pushed to your Investorfuse Market Space as a new Opportunity. The data is a mirror image of the fields inside Investorfuse so it populates your Market Space seamlessly with no extra effort on your end.

We start with this template that you can either use as-is or you are welcome to change it to customize it to suit your needs. Once you decide on the form you want to use we'll build it, we'll connect it to your Market Space and you're ready to roll.



Deal Machine has two types of plans, Driving for Dollars and List Builder.
Driving for Dollars
Driving for dollars software to build your own unique list of properties.
Lowest cost leads, greatest ROI.
Mobile Maps
Real-Time Routes
Recruit & Manage Drivers
Smart Property Filters3

List Builder
Build real estate lead lists for a flat-fee from county, lender & sales data.
Faster leads. Requires more marketing.
Advanced Filtering & Searching
Smart Lists
Drawn Map Lists
Preforeclosures and more

Each plan integrates the same inside of Investorfuse. You collect data inside of Deal Machine as you collect your leads, once one of your leads status changes to "Follow Up" it will automagically push to Investorfuse.



Do you advertise on Facebook? If so we can connect your account to Investorfuse which will create a new Opportunity. All that is needed is for you to include a Facebook "Instant Form" to your ad. The customer fills in the form and voila...straight to your Investorfuse market space it goes. If you already have a Facebook Ads account and it's routing your leads to your website we can connect your website to your Investorfuse account instead.

To see how the form works in more detail on the Facebook side click here.

Note that we cannot connect your Facebook ads chatbot to Investorfuse.



Discover Who's Investing Near Your Deals
See which cash buyers are buying deals near yours. What they're paying. What they're selling for. How much they're earning.

Instantly Identify the Top Buyers
Use our proprietary Buyer Score to instantly identify the top buyers are near any property.

Build Relationships
Built-in skip tracing, calling, SMS, and email tools designed to help you build and maintain your relationships with top investors.

Designed to Convert Google Ads Traffic
Score 99 out of 100 with Google. Get more traffic at lower costs from your Google Ads campaigns.

Convert More Leads to Deals
Get property info, seller motivation, and photos of the property from your lead form.

Fastest Motivated Seller Site Ever Built
Recapture 20-35% of the traffic you're losing!

For more details and to get started click here

Investor Machine is a powerful DATA DRIVEN, CUTTING EDGE, DONE-FOR-YOU Lead Generation System and our "Machine" tells you EXACTLY who to market to, how frequently...then we actually DO THE WORK for you!

We Have Two Goals:

  1. Help YOU Do More Profitable Deals
  2. Make Your Life Easier!

Lead Generation

Data: We have created a sophisticated and proprietary data analysis system to identify seller motivation. We analyze millions of data points in your market on a monthly basis to create a Customized Marketing Plan just for YOU!

Direct Mail:​ We execute your direct mail marketing with military precision...we order your mail for you, so inconsistent lead flow will become a thing of the past.

Outbound Calling & SMS Marketing (Optional): We provide you with current phone data for the most motivated sellers in your market, so your marketing plan has a 1-2 PUNCH when you connect direct mail marketing, cold calling and SMS Marketing. We also give guidance on the very best tools to use to stay compliant and maximize your performance.

World Class 'White Glove' Support: Think of us as your "Strategic Marketing Partner"! As a customer, you'll be assigned to a private Account Manager that is here to review your data, account, and help continually improve your results.

Investor Machine is for professional investors only, if you think you've got what it takes apply with them

Launch Control

Launch Control

All-In-One Platform

  • TCPA Compliant Revolutionary Platform
  • All-In-One Messaging Dashboard
  • Proprietary Routing Algorithm
  • Local Phone Numbers
  • Drip Campaigns
  • One Click push to Investorfuse

Verify the phone number inside Launch Control first after texting your lead, then you click the Push to CRM button to push the data into Investorfuse.
All information you collect inside Launch Control will push to Investorfuse as long as there are matching fields. If there is no matching field the data will flow to the Investorfuse notes field inside the Opportunity.



Lead Sherpa will help you scale your REI business with compliant SMS marketing. You can integrate your Lead Sherpa account with Investorfuse and set up campaigns in Sherpa and upload lists where you can prospect and qualify potential leads. These qualified leads can then be pushed into Investorfuse with a push of a button in LeadSherpa.

All information you collect inside Lead Sherpa will push to Investorfuse as long as there are matching fields. If there is no matching field the data will flow to the Investorfuse notes field inside the Opportunity.



Mojo is a power dialing system that allows a user to do outbound calls by connecting any reliable phone into the Mojo platform.

A user in Mojo can simply assign a contact to a Mojo group, and if the group has an integration active, it pushes that contact into Investorfuse.

All information you collect inside Mojo will push to Investorfuse as long as there are matching fields. If there is no matching field the data will flow to the Investorfuse notes field inside the Opportunity.



What is PRINTgenie?

PRINTgenie is an easy to use SaaS customer engagement platform that uses Direct Mail, Email & Text messaging.

Pre-Loaded, Industry specific Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns Triggered From Your Phone, Desktop or CRM with NO MINIMUMS

Trigger Automation From InvestorFuse! Adding direct mail to your workflow has never been easier. No Zapier required. Simply copy & paste any mailer into your InvestorFuse sequence.

  • Pay on demand
  • No Minimums
  • Track status

It's never easy to manage your marketing while your doing the heavy lifting of running a business. In just a few clicks you can add direct mail into your automations with our webhook integration.



ReadyMode, built for enterprise call centers, is a cloud based all-in-one predictive dialer that intelligently connects agents with more leads in less time. Make more connections, and maximize agent productivity - all at an affordable cost.

Predictive Dialer - Empower your agents to make more productive calls with a cloud native predictive dialer that’s powerful, scalable, and easy to use. Connect with more leads, close more deals, and grow your business.

Engage more leads in less time - Keep your agents at maximum efficiency levels and triple your talk time with automated, intelligent dialing. Let us make lightning fast connections and silence busy signals for good.

All your customer data, connected - Automate manual data entry with their powerful CRM and let your reps focus on the conversation. Streamline your workflows and increase productivity by accessing customers profiles all within a single platform.

Trigger the integration from ReadyMode to Investorfuse via a specified call result category.

Smarter Contact

Smarter Contact

Smarter Contact is an outbound prospecting tool that houses the capability of considering the exchange of messages itself to prospects as a lead in a CRM structure.
If you aren't using SMS in your business yet, we highly recommend working with Smarter Contact. They have an incredible team behind their product, constantly working to build a texting solution with a high deliverability rate.

To get detailed information on Smarter Contact, including the recent changes to SMS marketing and how to capitalize on SMS marketing check out our webinar with Adam Nasir, the CEO of Smarter Contact.

If you're ready to sign up and connect Smarter Contact here's a link to get your 7-day free trial.



smrtPhone is the calling system we recommend as we are fully integrated with smrtPhone, it's not just an add-on or a plug-in, it's deeply embedded into the Investorfuse software and processes.

With smrtPhone inside of InvestorFuse you’re only one click away from closing your next deal. Click-to-call or text directly from an opportunity or load a large list to power dial. All of your contacts, calls, texts, and call recordings are automatically synced, saving you time and keeping you focused, whether you are at your desk or on the go.

Not sure if you want to use CallRail or smrtPhone?

Here's 6 reasons to go with smrtPhone over CallRail

Wordpress Web Forms


Wordpress has many webform plugins to choose from and we can integrate with all of them!

You create your custom form in the plugin of your choosing to collect your seller lead information and we will connect your form to Investorfuse to push the data automatically.

Any form fields that we are unable to make a direct mapping to Investorfuse fields will be added to the Notes section of your Opportunity.