Build a business that gives you the time freedom you deserve.

Every real estate investor got into this business for a reason… Most end up forgetting that reason in order to dig themselves out of yet another “job” they’ve created for themselves.

We believe all business problems are systems and engineering problems, and can be fixed with technology, delegation, and a little bit of love.

Our vision is to help thousands of real estate entrepreneurs build a business around their ideal lives. We are dedicated to serve the real estate investment community not just with nifty tools…but with mission critical systems that are at the heart of all deal-making activities.

The biggest gift we can give is time, and through modern technology, we’re able to break the shackles off overwhelmed real estate professionals who need more time freedom in order for their businesses to truly thrive.

Thanks to the Podio CRM and the feedback of thousands of users over the last several years, we created a standalone system, built off of Podio, designed with ONE thing in mind: SIMPLICITY.

Our Team

Dan Schwartz
John Whitfield
Operations Manager
Success Manager
Operations Specialist
Support Specialist
Integrations Specialist
Integrations Specialist
Support Specialist
Software Engineer
Support Specialist

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IF3 is designed for the virtual wholesaler, and even works in multiple markets.

No more thinking. Keeping track of your sales pipeline has never been easier.

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