The Amazing InvestorFuse Support Team

The Team

The InvestorFuse Support Team is literally the best of the best. We have a team of five people who have collectively been working for InvestorFuse for 18 years! We couldn't ask for a better Support Team and we know you will feel the same.

They Care

Having a dedicated support team means we're able to repond to you consistently and quickly. They prove themselves every day with the positive responses they receive from our customers!

Conversation Ratings

99% of our conversation ratings are positive

Response Time

Our time to resolve issues averages about 1-2  hours - that may even include a quick new integration request or other complex requests. We are super serious about our level of support!

Customer Remarks

These types of wonderful comments are common from our customers and we love to see them!

Mike - Set Up and Onboarding

Customer support consists of a few areas for us, first it's supporting the set up and onboarding process, this is where Mike comes in. Mike has been with InvestorFuse for 2+ years, he started in an entry level position doing some boring busy work and has quickly moved his way to the top!  He is in charge of getting new Market Spaces set up, coordinating with the Integrations Team and setting up some technical items himself. You'll meet Mike face to face during initial set up meetings and sometimes he'll help Pat in chat support when Pat is super busy and he covers for days off.

Marlon- Integrations Whiz

Also during the set up phase you'll be working with Marlon who has worked for us for 4+ years in Integrations. Marlon knows everything there is to know about how to connect your lead gen tools to IF3 and he is super to work with during the process.

Migs - Jack of all Trades

Migs, who has worked for InvestorFuse longer than anyone has helped us with every aspect of Customer Support in the past 5+ years. He currently helps us in Development to test IF3 when our rockstar developers make changes. Migs is also our backup in Integrations and covers for Marlon when he's out. He's great with customers and also helps us internally with technical things none of us understand.

Pat - Support Guru

Pat is our front-line Support guru for IF3 and InvestorFuse Podio version as well. He has been with InvestorFuse for four years now, he's seen and done it all. Pat is great because he is not only super fast in his responses but thorough and thoughtful.

After your set up is complete and your lead inputs are integrated into IF3 you'll meet with Mike again for a training session! He will walk you through IF3 from top to bottom if that's what you need or he can customize your time and just answer specific questions.

AJ -Billing and Everything Else

AJ help out Operations on our billing team, he's the guy you'll talk to with any billing issues or questions and/or if you decide to cancel your subscription he will make sure you have everything you need from us before we pull the plug. AJ also helps out in Marketing and will answer questions sometimes on social media and in our Teachable software where we have our Masterclasses.