Smarter Contact and InvestorFuse

An industry leader in texting for Real Estate Investors.
Smarter Contact helps you reach new prospects and then push qualified leads into InvestorFuse.

Webinar with Smarter Contact CEO

We did an AMAZING webinar with Adam Nasir, the CEO of Smarter Contact. He walked us through the changes coming to SMS in the near future. He also explained how to still capitalize on SMS with his platform. Check it out below!

How we integrate with Smarter Contact

Our integration with Smarter Contact uses Zapier. All you have to do is connect the two pieces of software and then just click the Zapier icon on the lead. Review our integration documentation to see more details.

Sign Up For Smarter Contact

If you aren't using SMS in your business yet, we highly recommend working with Smarter Contact. They have an incredible team behind their product, constantly working to build a texting solution with a high deliverability rate.

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