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Step 1: Sign up for InvestorFuse and fill out your business info

Step 2: Our team will take it from here to connect your lead sources and migrate your old leads into InvestorFuse.

Step 3: Login to your existing Podio account to access your new automated workspace and start following up and closing more deals!

Every InvestorFuse plan includes:


Real Estate Apps On Your Podio Account


Multiple Team Member Access


Texting and Emailing


Digital Signature Integration


Programmable “Next-Action” Workflows


Broadcast Voicemail Messages


Automatic Comparable Sales Reports


Training Videos


One-Off Physical Document Mailing


Inbound Phone and Website Leads Integration and Tracking


Multi-Channel Followup Autoresponders


Assignable Tasks


Unlimited Support and 1-on-1 Training


Daily Data Backup


Custom Contracts and PDF Integration


Owner Address Lookup

Zero risk to trying InvestorFuse on for size.

Our simple systems have helped hundreds of real estate investors take control of their business and close more of their hard-earned leads. We’re so confident that it will help you do the same that we will give your money back if you don’t close at least one extra deal in the first 30 days of trying InvestorFuse for yourself.

Simple pricing, no contracts

Streamline your lead management process for a low monthly price, or save on an annual plan

$197 monthly access

$1970 annually + 2 months free!

The best lead management guides your team automatically from inbound lead to close

Automated Followup Sequences

Vacant House “One-Off” Postcard System

Ringless Voicemail

Two Way Communication Built-In


Send Physical Documents


Custom Tasks

Contract Generation and Sending

Built-In Comparables

For the first time ever, your tasks, texts, emails, autoresponders, incoming phone and website leads, contract PDF’s, comp reports, Slybroadcast voicemails, electronic signatures, physical mail, and many more features will be completely built-in…

$197 monthly access

$1970 annually + 2 months free!

“There is one, little, secret tool we use to save time and completely automate buyers and sellers tasks. it’s called InvestorFuse. It’s like using Podio on steriods for our real estate investing business.

Cory Boatright Founder of RealEstateInvestingProfits.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a monthly fee?
Your subscription includes all of the additional services we’ve tied into the functionality so you don’t need to pay for them and maintain them separately. As such, your automations, processes, our support staff, and your followup sequences will be working for you without your involvement day in and day out. Your InvestorFuse workspace is a living, breathing organism that will continually improve with new features, fixes, and integrations to make your business life easier.
Do you offer support?
140%! Our support team is on hand every day to make sure you’re taken care of with live chat, phone chat, email chat, in-app chat, monthly training webinars with the founders, and an extensive knowledge base. We also personally onboard you to make your transition to Podio/InvestorFuse seamless, quick, and easy.
Is there a free trial so I can play around with it?
We don’t offer free trials, but we do have a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t a fit for the system. Not only is there a cost associated with bringing on a new investor, we’ve also found that free trials tend to attract the wrong type of business. We only work with active real estate investors with leads already coming into their business.


If you do not have leads coming into your business, this system will not be useful for you.

You will work with your account manager to ensure you and your team are comfortable enough to work your leads live. We want you to use the workspace so you can see how powerful the automations are to make your team more productive. Your success is our success, literally!

Do I need to pay for for Podio or other services?
Nope. We integrate with all of the automation tools in the backend so you don’t need to, including Podio! Just sign up for a free Podio account and we’ll take it from there…Since InvestorFuse is just a regular Podio workspace, you can choose to connect to any other additional tools you’d like, as Podio is fully integrate-able through their API.
Will you train me and my team?
Yes. You will have a dedicated account manager that will not only walk you through your setup process, but they’ll walk you through your workspace one-on-one to make sure you’re up and running smoothly.


We also provide “Job Role Training” courses, which are individualized training modules for each member of your acquisitions team: Seller lead processor, Acquisitions manager, Property sales, Transaction management, and even a CEO training course to make sure you are maximizing your time as the owner of the company.

Simply point your team members to their specific Job Role Training course and they’ll be up to speed.

Is there a demo that shows the full system that I could watch?
Absolutely. You may watch a full demo here: Extended Demo Video
Will you help me switch from my current system?
Yes, we provide concierge transition and lead migration service to all new members, whether you’re coming from another Podio workspace, or another CRM. We will migrate all of your old leads over on your behalf, route all of your lead sources into InvestorFuse for you, and make sure you are taken care of for any additional customization you need to have your workspace exactly the way you need it.


For any additional customizing, we work we work with professional Podio architects and consultants to help point you in the right direction to get that done. These consultants will bill you separately for this type of custom work.

Will I still need a phone system? Which ones should I use?
Great question! Yes you will need a phone system and we will work with you to ensure that all incoming calls come into your InvestorFuse system automatically, and without duplicates 🙂 While we support most major call tracking systems, we recommend CallRail. It works quite well with our workspace and is affordable at $30/mo for 10 numbers.
What about leads from websites like InvestorCarrot? Can those go into the system?
Absolutely! We’ll take care of getting all of your leads into the system during your on boarding. If you’re working with another website service, we’ll work with you and build a way to get your leads in there for you.
Is emailing, texting, SlyBroadcast, and mail included??
While all of these are built into the functionality of your workspace, in order to use paid services like texting/SlyBroadcast, or one-off mailers, we use a “Marketing Credits” system. Every time you send a text, for instance, credits will be deducted from your account.
What do Marketing Credits cost?
  • 1 Credit = $0.01 cents
  • Text Message: 2 Credits
  • One-Off Postcards: 75 Credits
  • Owner Name/Address Lookup: 5 Credits
  • Voice Broadcast to a single Seller Lead: 5 Credits (so if your voice broadcast campaign is to 10 seller leads the cost of the campaign is 10*5= 50 Credits)
  • Contracts: It ranges from 100 credits for a 1-Page document to 405 credits for a 15 Page document, but here’s the pricing for up to 5 pages:
    • 1 Page: 100 Credits
    • 2 Pages: 110 Credits
    • 3 Pages: 125 Credits
    • 4 Pages: 135 Credits
    • 5 Pages: 170 Credits

You can signup for a monthly Credits subscription and have them load up automatically every month, or you may purchase them as needed.

Yes, they do carry over month to month!

Do I need an email marketing tool like MailChimp?
Nope. All email sequences can be programmed right within your InvestorFuse Configuration workspace. You’ll be able to start and turn on these sequences for individual leads at any time. However, there is no tracking of email opens, but it will track when each of the automated emails are sent and notify you in the “Communications Log” field.
Do you also do our direct mail?
We do not do any lead generation. Our speciality is lead MANAGEMENT. However, we’ve integrated our system with GoBigPrinting, an amazing direct mail service for investors. Our integration automatically opts your sellers out of future mailers to save you money. Here’s more about how the integration works:


What about contracts?
Got you covered. We provide a built-in, automatic, rock solid and industry vetted purchase and sale agreement and assignment contract. We recommend keeping it simple and using these contracts. You can add additional clauses into these through your “Offers” app, but of course we can support custom contracts as well so long as the formatting is simple.
What if we use answering services like Patlive? How does that work?
Not a problem! You’ll have an InvestorFuse “Webform” link to give your Patlive rep. They’ll fill it out like a regular online webform, and when they submit it, it will show up as a brand new seller lead in your system.
Can I add team members? How many?

Yes, as many as you want. Up to 5 included with membership (additional users are $25 a month). Up to 5 members can each be assigned to specific tasks for their role in your operation.

Will my system automatically update when you make changes?
Yes! As we improve the system over time and add additional features/integrations, we will push these changes out into your workspace on your behalf. And no, it won’t effect any of the changes you made in your system.
What if I am in multiple markets?
There will be an additional charge of $49/month for every separate workspace you need, so long as each workspace is tied directly to your business and not separate businesses. We may be able to suggest some tweaks you can add to your existing InvestorFuse workspace depending on your situation.
I'm scared you guys will have access to my leads...
No need to be scared. We only access your workspace for support reasons, and you are fully protected by our Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

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