IF3 Setup

So many things are included in the $147 setup fee
that make it worth every single penny!

The Ultimate Goal: We Save you Time

Since IF3 is a hub for your lead inputs and can capture leads from 100's of sources it makes your setup a customized situation.

Although we have documentation on how to set up many popular integrations we'd much rather take the hair pulling frustration off your plate and literally save you hours of your valuable time.

Step 1: Kickoff Meeting

Once you sign up you'll sign up for a Kickoff Meeting with Carlos,  Mike and Marlon. You are able to set up a half hour meeting or 45 minutes depending on whether you'd like us to help you with your setup form. The setup form is what we use to not only set up your Market Space but we also ask for all information needed to integrate your website, calling and text apps, etc.

You will meet with Carlos, Mike and Marlon. Carlos is our front man, he runs our podcast and knows pretty much everyone in the REI space. He's the strategy guy and will be there to ask you some important questions about your business, answer any questions you have and give advice if needed.

Mike and Marlon will then let you know exactly how the process goes (it's pretty simple though) and possibly ask all kinds of clarifying questions about your setup and fill you in on next steps.

Step 2: We'll Get Busy

Next we'll set up everything for you.....we're fast but the speed depends on you and how quickly we receive your info, how many (unlimited) lead inputs you have and how accurate everything is.

In the meanwhile you'll have access to your Market Space so you can start poking around in there, check out our Knowledge Base and get familiar with IF3.

Step 3: Post Setup Meeting  

After setup / integrations are complete Mike will let you know and you'll schedule a Post Setup Call where they will walk you through your Market Space and all integrations. Typically there will already be leads in your Market Space by this time and you're ready to go.

Step 4: Training

Next...you'll set up a training session also with Mike and he will meet with you for a customized training session based on your needs.

Then we'll boot you out of the nest and watch you convert leads like a pro!