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Sequences that Stand Out

Webinar Replay

We had our webinar where we showed off our new PrintGenie direct mail feature and brought on Paul do Campo who specializes in writing amazing sequences for real estate investors. He showed you how to build sequences that can recover lost leads, eliminate manual work and boost conversions on autopilot!

With PrintGenie, you can now send postcards and letters as part of your text or email sequence - giving you five unique ways to reach sellers. That makes for an improved marketing experience with the ability to personalize messages across multiple platforms!

Hear how Tyler has 4x their appointments with smrtDialer!

Since we gave Tyler Vinsand beta access to the smrtDialer actions integration his team has had some crazy results!

They have 5x their call volume and 4x appointments... without increasing staff!

Quick Demo of smrtDialer Feature

We know that touching as many leads per day is one of the most important things you can do to increase contracts.

Our Action based systems keeps you accountable to the promises you make sellers, and yourself, for how often you follow up.

But you always had to go action by action and click to call, and at a minimum that took 4 clicks.

Now with smrtDialer you can sync all your Overdue and Due Today actions into a single dialer campaign, and get through your actions in HALF the time!

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7 Minute Demo of Integration

Webinar Replay

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